Oh yeah?

2009-08-01 06:20:19 by NeoXIII

Okay, I gotta admit that I'm not the best artist out here, there are a bunch of awesome artists here at NG.
Even me, some one who draws most of the time just for the Lulz, has some Stalkers and stuff, not probably here, but on my main gallery* and that are quite a lot*
I'm not complaining about it, I feel honored if some one dig my art, but don't stalk like hell or ask me about free requests!
I know it's my own GOD DAMNIT PERSONAL PROBLEM I gotta deal with, HOW can I live on my life with THAT GUILTINESS? *sigh*

Please be kind and stuff and ask for some art, but don't screw me if I refuse it because I DON'T KNOW YOU or I'm quite busy with my own stuff. If you want a commission, tell me from the start. >8U

Off for the weekend!


Btw, did that happen to you as well sometimes?!


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