Entry #1

So yeah, made my way to NS

2009-07-12 16:44:30 by NeoXIII

Finally made my way to Newsgrounds, since this site has an Art section as well |3
If you don't know me (I'm pretty sure you DO NOT know me):
I'm Neo, currently 19years old an a furry artists who simply loves to draw almost everyday.
There's nothing special about me or my art, I just used to made it, although I'm attending to do some flash projects as well in the future.

I'll add some of my art pieces here in the art section, I hope you'll like it! =3



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2009-07-16 01:38:42

I like what you have so far, and if you're planning to do Flash projects, I sure hope none of the drawing quality gets lost along the way.


2009-07-31 13:13:53

Congratulation Neo ^ ^